Maintenance of Aluminium Shutters

Choosing aluminium shutters means minimizing maintenance. However, maintenance of aluminium shutters should not be neglected.

Since the shutters are exposed to all atmospheric agents (heat, cold, sun, rain and wind) without protection, they deteriorate faster and consequently need constant and expensive maintenance.

This is why the integral life of aluminium is perfect for outdoor spaces. Aluminium increases protection against agents and significantly reduces maintenance. Routine maintenance, such as sanding and painting, is not necessary when aluminium shutters are used, thus reducing costs and saving time.

Aluminium shutters require little maintenance and, unlike wooden shutters, do not require repainting. High quality powder coating protects the shutters from the elements and makes them particularly resistant.

However, maintenance of aluminium shutters is important and the shutters need to be cleaned regularly as they are exposed to wind and weather throughout the year.

Cleaning of aluminium shutters should generally be done every three or six months, depending on the location. The bathing and industrial areas require more attention than the internal and rural areas. Washing with a mild detergent can counteract acid rain and other atmospheric pollutants.

Cleaning is desirable if the fine powder coated aluminium finish is to be preserved. The deterioration of the coating occurs mainly due to the deposition of lumps and the attack from contaminated humidity that contains chlorides in a coastal environment and contains chlorides and sulfur compounds in an industrial or urban environment. The deposited dirt absorbs contaminated moisture like a sponge and holds it against the coated surface. This allows the attachment to proceed in such a way as to damage the coating, which cannot be restored without removal.

In areas with low environmental pollution, aluminium windows do not require much maintenance. However, regular thorough cleaning of the surface coating ensures that the shutters appear “like new” for a long period of time. Loose dirt deposits can be cleaned easily with warm water and a soft sponge. For stubborn dirt, it is also possible to use neutral detergents that do not attack aluminium.

We should never use aggressive chemical cleaners or abrasive powders to clean window windows because abrasiveness damages the paint surface.