Shutters Artemis

Shutters Installed Directly on the Window Jamb
Artemis shutters without a frame is a model that is installed directly onto the window frame, whether it is a PVC, aluminium or wooden window. Shutters without a trim can adjust to various living climates with their simplicity and thereby complete the aesthetics of every structure. This model is available with fixed/moveable louvres or with a flat filling. Besides from the classic swing shutters, it is possible to construct the folding wings.
Artemis Shutters without a Frame
Horizontal cross-section / Artemis shutters without a frame offer the possibility of installation directly on the window frame. The advantage of this model is that there is no shutters installation at the construction site, but it has been substituted by preliminary work as the shutters are mounted to the window. This model offers the possibility of installation on styrofoam facades up to 210 mm thick, but it also may be installed before the styrofoam facade has been set up.
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