Shutters Dinata

Shutters with a Trim + Mosquito Net
EUX Dinata shutters with a trim offer the possibility of installation on a styrofoam facade. Dinata is affixed with its trim all the way to the window frame, thereby leaving no empty space between the window and the shutters. It is possible to install a vertical or a horizontal mosquito net into the shutter trim. With its robust frame and swing shutter wing design, it can be adjusted to suit the most demanding conditions of modern and traditional construction. This model is available with fixed/moveable louvres or with a flat filling.
Dinata Shutters with a Trim
Horizontal cross-section / Dinata shutters offer two types of trims. The 50x70 trim is intended for mosquito net installation. The 30x45 trim is intended for smaller styrofoam insulations and the mosquito net installation option is not available. The 50x70 trim model offers the possibility to install a short stool 15 mm in height and contains a rubber seal that prevents the outside light penetration. Both trim versions have the possibility to come with classic swing and folding shutters wings.
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