Shutters Fortuna

EUX Shutters with a Trim + Integrated Mosquito Net
Fortuna is a model with a 55x83 trim that is installed next to the window frame, thereby leaving no empty space between the window and the shutters. It is possible to integrate a vertical or a horizontal mosquito net into the trim, which will be completely aligned with the shutter frame. Shutters may be obtained in various RAL colours and wood imitations. The mosquito net is placed in the shutter trim by a click-clack system. This model is available with the classic swing and folding shutters wing options. Also, there are fixed/moveable louvres or flat filling options.
Fortuna Shutters with a Frame
Horizontal cross-section / Fortuna shutters have a 55x83 frame that has a space intended for the installation of mosquito nets. The 55x83 shutter trim has an intended cover that also offers the possibility of subsequent mosquito net installation. Once the shutters have been installed, the cover can simply be taken down and the mosquito net inserted in the same groove where the cover was previously positioned. The 55x83 trim also has the possibility to install a short 15 mm stool which has a rubber seal to prevent the penetration of outside light.
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