Shutters Hera

Sliding Shutters
EUX sliding shutters are a very important detail in the modern architecture. They are the perfect solution for large window openings. Besides the very important aesthetic look, this model has a very good protective function. It is available with options of fixed or moveable louvres or with flat filling. It is very common to install an electric power train for opening and closing of EUX sliding shutters. Options shift from one sliding shutter wing up to multiple parallel sliding shutters wings.
Hera Sliding Shutters
Vertical cross-section / EUX sliding shutters offer option of a frame on all 4 sides and installation in the window head of the opening, as well as an option with an upper and lower facade slide where shutters are set up on the facade forefront above and underneath the window opening. The lower slide may be mounted overhead or all together. That system also enables a setup of multiple parallel slides.
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