Shutters Zaria

Facade Shutters with a Trim
Zaria is a model with a 45 mm thick frame which suits any type of style of architecture with its clean straight lines. The Zaria shutters two versions are the shutters with fixed oval louvres in a semi-open position or a version with moveable louvres that regulate the outside light penetration. Besides its primary shading and anti-theft safety functions, this model has a very important aesthetic role on every architectural structure. Zaria is installed on the edge of the facade with its facade frame.
Zaria Facade R40 Shutters
Horizontal cross-section / Multiple versions of the “Z” frame with a 22 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm central crossbars are available. It can be inserted into the window head with an “L” jamb without the central crossbar and with an adequate hinge, it is possible to set the offset of the sash. Sash offset is available in two versions: A 40 mm and 80 mm offset from the shutters trim. This model is available with different opening options, from classical swing shutters wings to folding shutters wings and offset shutters wings assisted by telescopic scissors. Zaria is available with fixed/moveable louvres or with a flat filling.
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