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10 Aluminium Shutters Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Proper aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance ensures their longevity and quality.
EUX čišćenje i održavanje aluminijskih grilja

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Aluminium shutters longevity

Implementing shutters on a building represents a unique sun protection solution, providing additional protection and increasing the aesthetic appeal and value of the building. Aluminium as the basic material used in shutter production allows for the maximisation of all the advantages of installing shutters onto a building. It brings first-rate properties. In addition to being light, it has got outstanding mechanical and chemical properties, it is stable and meets the aesthetic standards of architecture and home design.

It is the most common choice due to its quality, durability upon exposure to different weather types and climates, resistance and low maintenance costs. More and more people are deciding to invest in high-quality aluminium shutters.

However, in order for such an investment to be as longterm as possible, one must take care of the installed aluminium joinery, despite its volume, is minimal considering the other types of material. Aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance will provide a longterm preservation of their original appearance and properties.

Aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance tips

Aluminium window shutters are the best choice for the protection of windows and buildings. They provide multiple advantages and are a great investment for both new projects and facility upgrades.

Following the installation of aluminium shutters onto the building, a proper maintenance is necessary in order to provide a longterm preservation of their original quality.

Aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance prevent the accumulation of impurities and dust which may reduce their brilliant, tidy and attractive appearance. Although their maintenance costs are low, this does not mean that they should not be properly cared for as it maximises their lifespan and reduces the possibility of damage.

Some practical tips are given below in order for you to maintain or restore your aluminium shutters to their original perfect state.

10 savjeta za čišćenje i održavanje aluminijskih grilja osoba čisti sa deterdžentom

Dust removal

Since one of the primary roles of the shutters is to protect the windows against atmospheric conditions, over a long-term exposure to weather, one can notice the effects of such conditions, such as impurities, dust and accumulation of dirt. Performing a general cleaning and removal of dust and impurities from their surface several times a year is recommended in order for the shutters to remain shiny and tidy and retain their elegant appearance.

Shutter cleaning

If dust and impurities are not removed regularly and completely, their accumulation may cause surface damage to the shutters. Deep cleaning allows for the removal of stains and particles which can negatively affect the visual appearance of the shutters. However, cleaning does not present a major problem, since aluminium is very easy to clean using a regular soft cloth, water and a mild detergent. We recommend you start cleaning the mechanisms and slats from the edges using the soft cloth and lukewarm water, then use the foam to clean the remaining parts of the aluminium shutters. You can wash the foam off easily and quickly using a regular garden hose.

In this way, the shutters will restore their original shine. When cleaning, avoid abrasive chemical products, such as bleaching agents or the abrasive powder which can damage the paint surface. Avoid using rough cleaning clothes, such as metal sponges as well, as they can scratch the shutter surface. Aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance require the use of regular lightweight cloths, ensuring their longevity through a regular maintenance.

Broken part replacement

Sometimes the exposure to atmospheric conditions can cause damage to shutters, whether it is a slat, a mechanism or the modern electric motor drive used for a simple and efficient opening and closing of shutters. If you notice any sort of defect, we recommend having the damaged part repaired or replaced as it may cause damage to the entire shutter system over time.

Routine check and inspection of the state of the shutters

If minor defects are not duly repaired and the damaged parts replaced or the routine inspection of the state of the shutters is not performed annually or following severe weather conditions, long-lasting damage may occur to the shutters and fittings which cannot be repaired or replaced cheaply. Although aluminium is a strong, resistant and durable material, windstorms and hailstorms may leave indentations and affect the overall shutter operation. Regular routine checks and protective equipment can prevent some major potential problems with the shutters.

Shutter system replacement

With no adequate routine checks performed, major shutter malfunctions may occur, which can include the falling of the shutters from their position, its breakage, the inability to operate them, as well as surface paint fading, deterioration of its surface texture and reduction of resistance. In such a situation consider replacing your shutters with new systems in the market such as EUX shutters. The EUX Company provides a wide range of high-quality cutting-edge aluminium shutter types that will meet all your requirements.

10 savjeta za čišćenje i održavanje aluminijskih grilja osoba čisti sa vrtnim crijevom

Aluminium shutters painting

High-quality aluminium shutters present a long-term investment that does not require a frequent and time consuming maintenance. However, after many years of exposure to different weather and atmospheric conditions, the paint on the shutters may get damaged, which is evident by a slight fading of the original paint.

In this case, aluminium shutters offer a simple intervention. Returning them to their original state can be performed through an easy application of a new paint layer, achieving restoration and improving the aesthetics of the external appearance of your home. In order to achieve a better effect, using a primer is recommended, as well as the paint finish compatible with aluminium.

Use the manufacturer’s warranty

Should any problems with the aluminium shutters arise, the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the shutters servicing must be checked, as well as the warranty. The warranty basically covers the mechanisms, frames, slats and other parts of the shutter system. In this way you can save money and restore the damaged parts which are covered by the warranty.

Remove a part of the shutters to clean it thoroughly

A more advanced approach to the cleaning of shutters implies the removal of the entire part of the shutter used for their closing, thus enabling the cleaning of the drive mechanism and the fittings for the purpose of achieving a greater aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance efficiency.

In this way, you will further reduce the potential damage and maintain the shutters in their perfect original state. We recommend performing the procedure or least once in two years.

Regular fittings and mechanisms inspection

Aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance imply the inspection of the state of their fittings and mechanisms. We recommend checking at least once a year if they are properly lubricated and, if not, applying machine oil or a lubricant. Check the rubber seals on the shutters, rinse them with water and lubricate them if necessary.

Handles do not require lubrication and they do not generally require any maintenance. Built-in electric drives should be maintained by professionals, but their original system will operate smoothly for years all the same. For additional advice and information on the fittings, please contact the manufacturer of the shutters who performed the installation of the electric drive.

Careful handling of guide rails

The key element of sliding and folding (harmo) shutters are the rails on which they move. They need to be handled carefully, particularly when they are closed into their locking position. Using great force when operating them is not recommended since the guide rail may get damaged, leading to unnecessary repair costs.

In order to ensure long-term operation of these shutter models, it is important to lubricate the rails regularly, which will reduce friction and the need for applying excessive force to the shutters upon their opening and closing.

10 savjeta za čišćenje i održavanje aluminijskih grilja jednostavna sredstva za čišćenje

Conclusion on shutters cleaning and maintenance

Window shutters are exposed to atmospheric and climatic conditions, such as high and low temperatures, the Sun, rain, wind, etc. on a daily basis, which may cause them to deteriorate much faster and lead to expensive maintenance. By choosing aluminium shutters, such problems are reduced significantly and almost completely eliminated owing to the excellent properties of aluminium which provides additional protection against all the said weather conditions. Unlike the shutters made from other materials, they do not require periodic repainting. Owing to the excellent properties of aluminium, such as a high-quality coating and durability, the need for expensive and frequent maintenance is reduced, which is cost-effective and time-saving.

However, for the purpose of maintaining their original quality and aesthetic appeal, a minimal investment in the aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance is required. Depending on location and climate, performing the basic cleaning once in 3 to 6 months is recommended in order to preserve the aluminium coating.

In coastal and industrial areas, improved maintenance is required compared to rural areas and hinterland. If you notice acid rain or other atmospheric pollutants, wash your shutters using a mild detergent.

Humidity may present a problem depending on the location of the building. For example, in coastal areas it may contain chlorides, while in industrial or urban areas sulphur compounds may be found. Deposition of the contaminated moisture combined with dirt and impurities may cause a damage of the aluminium coating which cannot be restored without removing such deposits.

Rural and small industrial areas do not require any major maintenance interventions to be performed on aluminium shutters. However, a regular aluminium shutters cleaning and maintenance are nevertheless recommended in order for them to maintain their original quality and aesthetic appeal for a long time.

The EUX Company provides their customers with top-quality aluminium shutters with excellent certified properties and a focus on quality and durability. If you use EUX shutters and have some additional or specific questions related to their maintenance, please feel free to contact us!

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