EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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13 models of shutters at your disposal


Facade aluminium shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Curved shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Shutters with a mosquito net


Shutters with an integrated mosquito net


Frameless shutters installed directly onto the stone


Curved shutters


Foam filled blinds, Dalmatian blinds, Istrian blinds


Pannelled shutter without visible wing edges


Traditional pannelled shutter with reinforcement


Frameless shutters installed onto the window jamb


Sliding (harmo) and folding shutters


Sliding shutters


EUX sliding shutter with a frame

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General Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions include general terms and steps to be taken when doing business, providing a service and communicating with potential clients and business partners. A different arrangement and exceptions can be made individually for each client, project and agreement, as well as depending on extraordinary circumstances and situations.

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The Client is the website visitor or user, a legal or natural person who makes a contact and/or an inquiry for the specific service or information the Service provider offers through his website. The contact and/or inquiry can be made through the available contact forms on the website and through the published and available communication channels, such as e-mail address, telephone number, post and fax. The Client can be a B2C buyer or a B2B business partner.

Service provider

The Service provider is EURO TIM Ltd., the owner and regulator of the EUX brand. In the event a purchase agreement is stipulated, the Client will pay the agreed service parametres at a defined price by means of a transaction account in advance or upon the completion of the service or according to the parametres exclusively agreed between the Service provider and the Client.

The Service provider also cooperates with different subcontractors and distributors and will direct the potential customers to them due to location preferences, if necessary. For the potential business partners, the Service provider will perform all the steps necessary to identify mutual goals and needs for the purpose of building a business cooperation.

The Service provider represents the manufacturer and seller of the shutters and fittings, providing the installation and assembly of his products by arrangement and per location. He is registered under his distinctive company details: EEURO TIM Ltd., Co. reg. nr.: 02416298, Tax Nr.: 11087329753.

All the other services provided to the Client by the Service provider for which the Service provider has a business activity registered with the competent commercial court and which the Service provider can provide to the Client as required by him.

General Terms and Conditions


The Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/2014), Chapter III – Conclusion of contracts outside business premises and f distance contracts, Articles 57 to 79 shall apply to the General Terms and Conditions.

Websites on the domain and website do not represent a web shop, but an information and marketing channel for the Service provider’s products and services. However, the communication related to the purchase of the Service provider’s service can be initiated through the website and contact options.

Depending on its nature and topic, such communication may lead to sales or the entering of a partnership, which is then regulated, arranged and organised outside the domain and website parametres and functionalities.

The regulation, agreement and organisation of the purchase relation and the building of partnership include the elements, such as: the price and payment methods, ordering, delivery, product replacement, claims, returns, contract termination, as well as the exclusion of the right to terminate the contract. The Service provider will individually arrange the said provisions with the Client, while the domain and website are used to initiate the communication between the Client and the Service provider.

Website and service images, descriptions and videos

The images and videos of the services, as well as web pages were downloaded in some parts from the websites providing free images and videos, such as:,,

The other images and videos are a direct and sole property of the EUR TIM Ltd. Service provider. The images and videos are used as a descriptive reference to the products and services provided, trying to describe as accurately as possible their properties. The downloaded images and videos, their original authors and third parties in the images and videos do not represent nor are connected in any way to EURO TIM Ltd. And the services of the Service provider and are used and implemented according to the policy of the websites from which they were downloaded, the policy of which includes the sharing of their images and vides free of charge for private and commercial purposes.

The Service provider reserves the right to have errors in product descriptions and images.

Technical problems

In the event of technical problems occurring while using the website, the Service provider will do everything he can to restore the website’s operation, stability and efficiency as soon as possible.

The Service provider will always try to grant his users and website visitors access to potential failures and website’s operation suspension through notifications on the website, and if this cannot be done, he will do it by sending a newsletter or direct e-mail notifications.

Service price and payment methods


The Service provider states that the service price will be set according to the quotation accepted in advance. The price of the services and activities not included in the quotation the Agency will perform for the Client based on the written request of the Client will be arranged separately for each individual activity.

The Service provider can issue a digital invoice to the Client, specifying the service and due date by which the client is required to settle the invoice, in addition to the standard invoice.

EUX sistemi za grilje uvjeti poslovanja osoba potpisuje dokumentaciju

Entering a contractual relationship


The Service provider will deliver a quotation given for information only containing all the information on the service and indicated prices expressed in Croatian kunas with VAT included. The contractual relationship initiates at the moment the quotation is accepted. With the establishment of the contractual relationship the specifically and individually negotiated contract terms will apply.

When delivering the quotation, i.e., upon the signing of the contract, the Client will acknowledge the cooperation and business operation terms and it will imply that the Client fully understood and accepted the said service provisions.

As for the stipulating of a business cooperation with the Clients who wish to become business partners with different involvement levels, such as distributors, specific and separate documents concerning the agreement and cooperation, each containing different parametres and conditions will be drafted and mutually accepted by the Service provider and the Client.

In addition to contractual relations established upon the acceptance of the quotation, the Service provider can establish contractual relations with the Client based on the concluded agreements, that is, the ones concluded without the previously submitted quotation or the agreements with the quotation being their integral part.

    Client’s obligations


    The Client is required to present all the notifications and documents the Service provider may consider necessary for the drafting of the Quotation or agreement and the implementation of the project and its business processes at the Service provider’s request.

    The Client agrees to ensure the proper functioning of his e-mail and telephone number for the entire period f the cooperation with the Service provider, both at the negotiation stage and the pre-contractual stage and the resuming of the contractual relations, as the correspondence will take place via e-mail and phone calls.

    The Client is required to report all the changes in personal or identification information and data indicated in the quotation or contract concerning the status, identity and head office to the Service provider immediately, and by latest within 7 days since the changes occurred.

    The Client is required to appoint an authorised person who will represent the Client in relation to the services he requests from the Service provider for the entire duration of the cooperation, including the negotiation stage aimed at establishing a contractual relation, as well as for the entire duration of the contractual relation.

    The Client agrees to cooperate with the Service provider in order for the Service provider to perform the requested and agreed services on time in a way as to submit all the necessary materials, documents, data and similar to the Service provider so that he can begin performing the agreed service and project on time and enable the Service provider access to all the necessary information and systems which he needs in order to be able to provide the agreed service and project.

    The Service provider’s responsibility


    The Service provider agrees to provide his services in a professional, efficient and responsible way, in accordance with professional practice and the care of a good businessman. The Service provider shall offer the Client his services in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia, that is, the contractual relationship obligations.

    The contracting parties will not be liable for failing to fulfil any obligation referred to in the Contractual relationship if the impossibility to fulfil their obligations is caused by Force Majeure – the event beyond the control of the parties and independent of their will directly affecting the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and the appearance of which does not result from the negligence of any of the parties.

    The contracting party affected by Force Majeure is required to inform the other contracting party of the event in writing immediately and no later than within 48 hours, indicating the cause and submitting relevant evidence on the presence of Force Majeure.

    The deadline for the specific project design is determined by the quotation containing the available information, i.e., by the contractual relationship, as well as deadline extension circumstances.

    Contractual relationship termination


    The contractual relationship is usually established for a fixed time period with its duration defined by the quotation the acceptance of which, i.e., of the contract, initiates the contractual relationship. The Client and the Service provider are entitled to terminate the contractual relationship at any time by sending the termination notice in writing by registered mail to the valid address of the other party. In this case, the period of notice is 30 days from the delivery of the termination notice.

    In the event of contractual relationship terminatin by the Client before the expiration of the original contractual relationship indicated in the quotation, i.e., the agreement, as well as in the event the Service provider decides to terminate the contractual relationship at any moment because the Client violates the obligatons assumed by stipulatng the contractual relationship, the Client is required to pay the contractual penalty to the Service provider including the difference between the full price of the stipulated services set out in the price list of the Service provider and the price the Client paid to the Service provider under the contractual relationship provisions from the date of the contract stipulation to the contractual relationship termination date. The Service provider will issue an invoice to the Client for the amount the Client is required to pay.

    e Service provider has the right to terminate the contractual relationship without notice period and without the obligation to return the advance and all the other resources the Client paid him in the following cases of the breach of contractual obligations by the Client, suggesting that in such a situation the contractual relationship will cease at the moment the termination notice is delivered to the Service provider:

      1. If the Client fails to deliver/enable the Service provider all the necessary documentation, i.e., access to all the required information preventing the Service provider from fulfilling his obligations or causing delays in his fulfilling of the assumed obligations;
      2. If the Client is constantly late with the settling of the invoices issued by the Service provider in relation to his obligation to settle the invoices within their due date;
      3. If the Client was declared insolvent or the insolvency proceedings or other similar proceedings were initiated against him;
      4. If the Client breaches any of his obligations provided for in the Terms and Conditions, i.e., the quotation or agreement, which may cause damage to the Service provider;
      5. If the Client takes such actions and measures against the Service provider causing the Service provider or his reputation to suffer damage.

      If the unacceptable or unauthorised use of the Service provider’s services by the Client causes damage to the Service provider, his other clients or third parties, the Client will bear responsibility according to the applicable regulations r the final court decision.

      Personal data protection


      Personal data which are collected depend on the type of the service provided, the users and clients, the customer’s intention to use the services, the type of the contract concluded with clients, as well as the Client’s intention to exercise his rights based on legal and regulatory provisions on personal data protection.

      The Client’s data are not used for any other purposes nor are shared with third parties unless the law provides otherwise and will be deleted as son as they are not needed anymore. Although none of the Internet services is 100% secure, the Service provider invests the greatest possible efforts through reasonable measures within the limits allowed into the Client’s data protection against unauthorised data access, use, exchange or destruction.

      The Service provider uses the specific business systems and procedures to protect the personal data provided by the Client and made available for him to use. The Service provider uses security procedures, as well as technical and physical restrictions n the access and usage of personal data on his servers.

      In the even of a potential partnership and business cooperation with external associates on specific projects, the Service provider can reveal information on the Client without which the entire project would not be feasible for the external associate. The external associates must abide by the Data privacy policy per agreed cooperation item.

      Where prescribed by law or necessary for the prevention, detection and punishment of criminal offences and frauds, the Client’s data will be shared with the competent authorities. We can reveal your data in response to a court order or other legitimate request by the national authorities.

      In the event of establishing business cooperation beyond the website and domain parametres and limits, additional personal data will be required by the Client which by its nature presents the basic and necessary elements for a valid stipulation of business processes and purchase deeds defined by law.

      Learn more about the privacy policy concerning the direct usage of the website and domain on privacy policy web pages. Learn more about the cookie policy which is in force on the domain and website on the cookie policy web pages.

      Dispute settlement


      All the disputes arising during the business cooperation between the parties, including the disputes concerning their valid origin, breach or settlement, as well as the legal effects arising from them, the contracting parties will primarily try to resolve peacefully and amicably within 30 (thirty) days. If they fail to do so, the disputes between the Contracting parties and the Client will be settled with the curt having its jurisdiction in Pula.


      EURO TIM d.o.o.


      Emil Hrvatin

      Personal ID Number



      Telephone number

      +385 (0)52 691 350

      Company Registration Nr.



      Škropeti 17T, 52423
      Karojba, Croatia


      Registered in 2008. at the commercial court in Pazin, CRN : 130031418


      Share capital paid in full : 4.770.000,00 kn

      Account # 1

      IBAN SPLITSKA BANKA D.D.: HR4523300031153693225

      Account # 2

      IBAN ERSTE BANKA D.D.: HR302402006110053403

      Account # 3


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