EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX shutter mechanisms and accessories

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX Mehanizmi

Mehanizmi za sve vrste alu grilja i lamela

EUX Rolice i poluge

Rolice i poluge za popratne lamele alu grilja

EUX Ostali okov

Širok i raznolik asortiman dodatne opreme za alu grilje

13 models of shutters at your disposal


Facade aluminium shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Curved shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Shutters with a mosquito net


Shutters with an integrated mosquito net


Frameless shutters installed directly onto the stone


Curved shutters


Foam filled blinds, Dalmatian blinds, Istrian blinds


Pannelled shutter without visible wing edges


Traditional pannelled shutter with reinforcement


Frameless shutters installed onto the window jamb


Sliding (harmo) and folding shutters


Sliding shutters


EUX sliding shutter with a frame


EUX systems provide the widest variety of aluminium shutters and blinds which perfectly fit both modern and traditional architecture
Choose a shutter modelWhy EUX shutters?
EUX sistemi za grilje ikona raznoliki izbor
A wide product range

EUX shutter systems provide a wide variety of products

EUX sistemi za grilje ikona vrhunska kvaliteta
First-rate quality

The quality of all our products is of a superior grade

EUX sistemi za grilje ikona iznimna pouzdanost
Extreme reliability

EUX is a brand you can fully and carefree rely on

Solution for all types of modern and traditional architecture

We have developed EUX aluminium shutters and blinds models in order to meet a variety of different aesthetics and functionality requirements of modern and traditional architecture. The excellent properties of our shutter systems, such as durability, resistance and lightness make them the essential elements used in construction.

eux sistemi za zaobljene fasadne aluminijske grilje aurora istaknuta

EUX Aluminium Shutters

Owing to their unique and simple design, our shutters adjust easily to all types of climates, thus improving the aesthetic appeal of each building.

eux okovi za grilje naslovna referenca

EUX Accessories

We offer a wide selection of shutter mechanisms, handles and levers used for slat activation, as well as other shutter fittings.

Our business partners who proudly represent EUX products

Our business partners who proudly represent EUX products


Safe and certified

Top quality

All the EUX shutter systems meet the European EN 13659 standards and carry the CE marking. The entire production process is organised in accordance with ISO standards, meeting the most stringent quality requirements.

EUX Mehanizam alu grilje za naco lamelu pozadina

The best choice

Top-quality aluminium shutter mechanisms

One of the key elements of the EUX fittings production are the EUX shutter mechanisms. There are 7 different shutter mechanisms available with the accompanying fittings, handles and levers.

Their quality, material resistance and product applicability have become the authority in the market over years.

Continuously achieving an excellent customer experience

The entire business operation and manufacturing process are certified with the aim of continuously achieving an excellent experience for our customers and business partners.

eux sistemi za grilje inovativni razvoj ikona
Innovative development

Setting new trends as the basis for progress

eux sistemi za grilje uslužnost ikona

Our customers’ and business partners’ satisfaction is important to us

eux sistemi za grilje samostalna proizvodnja ikona
Independent production

Ensured mutual business performance consistency

eux sistemi za grilje rješenje ikona

We provide solutions for all your project requirements

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Business cooperation

We wish to offer all our existing and potential business partners our experience, know-how, trust and reliability, as well as the desire for cooperation and a successful achievement of our mutual business objectives.

EUX is looking for and building strong partnerships, providing a reliable support and paying a remarkable attention to detail.

Francesco Morra

Modena Finestre

“EUX shutters are of excellent quality, but what was even more satisfying for me was a true partnership we have built.”

Salvatore Chessa

Pergole Italia

“They have a better shutter quality and price ratio than any other joinery manufacturer. Besides, the shutter variety is very high – there are over 10 different models!”

Pietro Mimis

Centro Infissi Senigallia

“It feels great working with the manufacturers of the beautiful EUX shutters: they are accurate, fast and follow my instructions very carefully.”

EUX Shutter Systems

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We keep meeting the needs and requests of our customers and business partners, constantly creating innovative solutions which are able to meet all types of projects. Join the growing number of our customers and business partners who have discovered EUX and became loyal users of our products.

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