EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX shutter mechanisms and accessories

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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13 models of shutters at your disposal


Facade aluminium shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Curved shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Shutters with a mosquito net


Shutters with an integrated mosquito net


Frameless shutters installed directly onto the stone


Curved shutters


Foam filled blinds, Dalmatian blinds, Istrian blinds


Pannelled shutter without visible wing edges


Traditional pannelled shutter with reinforcement


Frameless shutters installed onto the window jamb


Sliding (harmo) and folding shutters


Sliding shutters


EUX sliding shutter with a frame

Certified business operation

Top-quality joinery


The production of EUX aluminium shutters and fittings is taking place for over 25 years and is controlled by well-organised professional employees, as well as by high standards and certified working methods. The successful business operation, accompanied by technical innovation, ensures a top quality of finished EUX products.

EUX kvalitetna stolarija poduzeće

Well-organised business process

Constant company growth

The production kept increasing every year and the Company has developed its approach to work and tightened its quality standards and the entire business process and plant operation dynamics criteria.

Today, the EUX Company is the authority within the aluminium joinery, as well as the shutter and fittings industry.

Certified high-quality joinery

High-quality joinery

Certified security

The Company’s production is certified by a variety of professional and entrepreneurship certificates guaranteeing its business operation excellence and providing a carefree trust.

Share with us our business success! Our certified business operation provides you with a complete business security, as well as a business partners’ trust.

EUX kvalitetna stolarija certificiranost ženska osoba sigurno surađuje sa poduzećem

Joinery production

The EUX Company has been operating for over 25 years in the field of joinery production. Owing to its professional and trained personnel, as well as the operational organisation, it produces top-quality aluminium shutters and fittings made of a variety of materials.

Continuous development

Top-quality joinery is characterised by a continuous development of their production, technical innovation, as well as providing solutions and responses to a variety of projects and interventions. EUX represents a brand performing a continuous systematic development of its entire business operation.

Why choose EUX aluminium shutters?

EUX shutters are designed for the purpose of meeting a variety of aesthetic and functionality requirements in accordance with the traditional and modern architectural methodology.

The emphasis of EUX shutters is placed upon their multifunctionality, climate adaptability and an exceptional and long-term quality.

EUX sistemi za grilje kvalitetna stolarija podrška

Do you need technical support or servicing?

You have found the right business partner! – EUX shutter systems provide you with top-quality and affordable products, with a vast experience and the authority within the industry.

Feel free to present us your business plan or the building on which you wish to install EUX shutters. Our technical support and advisory departments remain at your disposal.
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