EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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13 models of shutters at your disposal


Facade aluminium shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Curved shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Shutters with a mosquito net


Shutters with an integrated mosquito net


Frameless shutters installed directly onto the stone


Curved shutters


Foam filled blinds, Dalmatian blinds, Istrian blinds


Pannelled shutter without visible wing edges


Traditional pannelled shutter with reinforcement


Frameless shutters installed onto the window jamb


Sliding (harmo) and folding shutters


Sliding shutters


EUX sliding shutter with a frame


Rustic frameless shutters

Aluminium rustic frameless shutters are installed directly onto the stone. They make an excellent choice for all the rustic design and character stone buildings.

EUX Geras rustic frameless shutters
 EUX Geras rustic frameless shutters 3D model

Rustic character

The panel measuring 1.57” (40 mm) in thickness is fitted with a rubber seal fixed onto the stone surface, thus preventing the passage of light. The frameless shutters are fixed directly onto the stone surface using the adequate fittings.

The Geras aluminium rustic frameless shutters are available with fixed and movable slats or filled. They are designed with the standard rotating or folding panels.

Sunce funkcija zasjenjivanja EUX grilja Zaria

Sun protection feature

EUX Sistemi za grilje Jednostavna implementacijaEUX - Sistemi za grilje Jednostavna implementacija Alati za rad

Easy installation

EUX Sistemi za grilje dizajnerske mogućnosti odabir RAL boja

Design possibilities

eux sistemi za grilje rustikalna grilja bez okvira geras istaknuta slika mob

Frameless rustic shutters

Frameless rustic shutters are installed directly onto the stone. The length of the window jamb stile is 0.66” (17 mm) with the seal gasket with a slot. The shutters can be installed with Maco shutter fittings or hidden fittings.

This shutter model provides the possibility of design of rotating or folding panels with movable and fixed slats or filling.

The right choice for all the rustic design buildings

Aluminium rustic frameless shutters are a unique choice for all the rustic design buildings. The possibilities of installation facilitate their mounting onto the stone buildings and other traditional buildings. Boost the value and beauty of your building using the EUX Geras aluminium rustic frameless shutters!


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