EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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EUX diverse and high-quality shutters

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13 models of shutters at your disposal


Facade aluminium shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Curved shutters with a frame installed onto the facade edge


Shutters with a mosquito net


Shutters with an integrated mosquito net


Frameless shutters installed directly onto the stone


Curved shutters


Foam filled blinds, Dalmatian blinds, Istrian blinds


Pannelled shutter without visible wing edges


Traditional pannelled shutter with reinforcement


Frameless shutters installed onto the window jamb


Sliding (harmo) and folding shutters


Sliding shutters


EUX sliding shutter with a frame

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), including the ones related to consulting and other services. If you have a specific question which is not listed here, please feel free to send us your inquiry using our : contact form →

How is the price of aluminium shutters determined?

The price of aluminium shutters depends primarily on the height and width of the shutters, as well as the model and its specific features. Some shutters are delivered with more resistant elements, including a different composition of the fittings.

The accessories such as mosquito nets or special shape custom-made shutters affect the final price of the shutters. Finally, order intakes affect the total price and therefore the price of the aluminium shutters is calculated on a project basis, with the prior preparation of a quotation.

We often create a special price list based on mutual cooperation, trust and reliability for our business partners who make regular large quantity orders or purchase aluminium shutters for resale and redistribution.

What are shutter systems?

The shutter system represents a comprehensive term which incorporates all the elements and products included in the final stage of the shutter production. All the elements, including screws and fittings, the advanced accessories, such as mosquito nets and the electric motor drive, as well as the very shutter installation principle, represent the shutter system.

Are aluminium shutters a good investment?

When referring to the return on investment, we usually think of its long-term positive return. Accordingly, the aluminium shutters represent an excellent long-term investment in your facility. Durability, strength, lightness and resistance of aluminium as the basic material used in the production of aluminium shutters represent the aluminium shutter features which are characteristics of an excellent investment.

How is the price of window shutter fittings determined?

The price of shutter fittings, as in the case of the price of shutters, is often determined on a project basis with a prior preparation of a quotation. The type and model of the fittings to be selected depends on the model of the shutters and project requirements. In B2C transactions, the fittings themselves are often included in the total price of the ordered shutter in advance.

A special price list based on mutual cooperation is created for B2B partners who purchase the fittings as standalone products for resale and redistribution.

Why should I buy a window shutter?

Shutters have a beneficial effect on every building in many different ways. One of the most obvious ones is to improve the aesthetic appeal of a building, thus increasing its value. They also improve the functionality of all the openings on the building, including both windows and balcony doors.

Shutters can improve the insulation of your facility and act as a sunscreen. By upgrading, shutters can completely protect your home from insects, such as mosquitos, and more advanced shutter systems have anti-theft devices installed.

Do shutters increase energy efficiency?

Shutters provide an additional protection to the facility, both as a sunscreen and a protection against cold. They have a positive effect on thermal efficiency and insulation, as well as the energy efficiency of the building. There are upgrades and installation principles serving precisely to improve energy efficiency.

Depending on the building’s capacity, one can choose the aluminium shutter models and types which will have an efficient and effective impact on the total value of the building, including energy efficiency, as well as representing a good long-term investment as a result.

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What type of aluminium shutters do I need?

The type of aluminium shutters you may need depends on a variety of technical parameters, the climate and the structure of your building. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with choosing a shutter model.

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Where can I buy EUX aluminium shutters?

You can buy EUX aluminium shutters in different places and in various countries. You can send your request for quotation directly to us, and you will be redirected to our distributor who is nearest to your location.

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If you have not found the answer to your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, please feel free to send us an inquiry with a detailed description of your specific problem or request and we will answer you as soon and as accurately as possible!